Hair removal with the SHR treatment

Do you have a problem with unwanted hair growth? In that case, permanent hair removal with the SHR treatment may be the best solution for you. The SHR treatment is suitable for all skin types, and is even appropriate for treating your face and most sensitive body parts. A major advantage is that you will feel virtually no pain during the SHR laser treatment. The SHR laser offers the quickest result, with very little discomfort.

SHR stands for Super Hair Removal.                                                                                                                                       This unique method does not work on the basis of pigment, unlike hair removal with IPL or conventional laser technology. That makes this treatment highly suitable for finer and lighter hair. Moreover, this method can be used safely on people with darker skin types. When we remove hair with SHR, we slowly heat up the hair follicles with low energy impulses (light flashes). With this method, the hair follicles are destroyed, so that they can no longer produce hair. The result of an SHR treatment is 85 per cent permanent hair reduction. You will get a smooth skin, free from unwanted hair growth for a considerable period of time.

Comfortably reduce unwanted hair growth

The SHR treatment is practically painless. You may, however, experience a warm and burning sensation during the treatment. As we use a cooling mechanism during the treatment, you will be able to cope with the treatment easily. You will not experience any side effects, other than a mild redness after the treatment. You can resume your daily tasks immediately after the treatment. For a long-term and smooth result you need several sessions. The number of sessions depends on the surface area to be treated and the degree of hair growth. Sessions are scheduled at 6-week intervals.

SHR specialist

Medicosmetiek is specializing in permanent hair removal using SHR. Our clinics focus on medico-cosmetic results, without drastic surgical procedures; we only work with treatment methods that have been proven to be safe and effective. All our staff have been medically trained and every treatment is carried out by or under the responsibility of a medical practitioner. You will receive high-quality treatment at minimum risk: safety, expertise and strict hygiene are paramount to us.

Do you want to know more about the options SHR offers for your unwanted hair growth? Come for a free consultation: we will be happy to give you detailed information.

The result of any treatment can vary from person to person.