‘Regenera’ against hair loss

‘Regenera Hair’ is a new procedure to fight hair loss. It is a method that was developed specifically to revitalise your own hair and fight further loss with micro grafts, tiny samples taken from the back of your head.
It is a one-off treatment, without recovery time. Immediately after the treatment, you can go straight back to whatever you were doing before the treatment.
The method is based on clinical studies which show that a skin sample contains a high concentration of hair follicles. By using a calibrated machine, these cell clusters are extracted from the samples and prepared so that they can be injected. The treatment is virtually painless and suitable for both men and women.


Regenera ensures in a natural and non-damaging way that your own cells in your scalp repair the area treated. It thickens the existing hair and helps develop new hair follicles. The treatment repairs the normal hair development cycle, prevents further hair loss, stimulates the growth of new hair and improves the quality of the original hair.
Between 8 and 15 days, changes become visible (and can be measured). In the first month, this is primarily thanks to the better blood flow in the scalp. The quality and density of your hair will continue to improve for many months following the treatment.
Regenera Activa is a safe and effective method to fight Alopecia Androgenetica and other forms of hair loss. The method has been approved by the FDA and doctors have had over 10 years of experience with it!

Thanks to Regenera:

  • the hair density increases
  • the hair thickness increases
  • keeps your hair and reduces further hair loss
  • improves the quality of your hair follicles
  • increases pigment production in the hair follicle; slows down hair greying