Bocouture Merz

Botox to fight wrinkles

What is Bocouture®?

Bocouture® is a new medicinal product and is part of the botulinum toxin family. This product is even purer than Botox® and can therefore be better tolerated by people with allergies. Botulinum has been known to the medical world for a long time. It is a natural protein. Originally, it was a toxin, but in a highly diluted form, it has been used for medicinal purposes since the nineteen sixties (among other things to treat certain muscular spasms in neurological and ophthalmological patients).

The effect of Bocouture®

Botulinum toxin type A is very safe, without long-term side effects. Some wrinkles in your face are caused by repeated muscular movements, such as frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet. These wrinkles and lines can be treated using Bocouture®. They weaken the activity of the muscular groups causing the wrinkles so that they soften or fade. For many people, this means that they look less stern or grumpy. Lesser-known purposes for which Bocouture® is used include lifting eyebrows and mouth corners, and reducing chin dimples.

Bocouture® is also used for treating gummy smiles and nasal folds from laughing. The effect in the face lasts initially three to four months. Where the treatment is repeated, the effect may last longer, up to six or seven months.

Bocouture® is also used to effectively treat excessive perspiration in your armpits or hands. The effect of a Bocouture® treatment lasts between six and twelve months.

Other ways in which Bocouture® is used are medically indicated, such as reducing tension headaches, migraines or teeth grinding.

The botox treatment is among the most-frequently carried out cosmetic treatments. Although this treatment seems simple, obtaining a natural result requires a real professional. Injecting too much of the active ingredient gives a static result (a ‘poker face’), too little, on the other hand, has only an effect in the short term or none whatsoever. Your botox treatment will have to be personalised, and personalisation will be based on a proper ‘study’ of your facial expressions. This requires many years of work experience…