DAS plasma treatment

DAS (Dermo Ablation Surgery) is the latest and completely safe method for aesthetic and dermatological treatments to tackle skin ageing, skin problems and skin irregularities.

In a Plasmalift, a layer-by-layer technology is used; only the skin surface is treated. The system creates a plasma effect and treats the skin without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue. It does not involve the use of scalpels or stitches. That’s the reason why DAS is an excellent alternative to several minor surgical procedures for:

  • eye lid correction
  • wrinkle removal
  • removal of excessive skin
  • skin tightening
  • reduction of crow’s feet or marionette lines
  • treatment of scarring (acne)
  • removal of skin irregularities, such as fibromas, senile warts or cherry angiomas

The treatment

In a DAS treatment, the skin is treated with plasma on a small scale. Without direct contact with the skin, there is a small arc containing charged plasma that touches the skin point by point. Through a series of touches, the skin fibres immediately contract and create a lifting effect, without scarring and without having a deep or aggressive effect on the skin.

The risk of infections and long-term redness is minimal, and recovery takes less time than in treatments with other systems (e.g. CO2 laser).

The advantages

  • short treatment time 
  • suitable for every skin type and age group 
  • minimal swelling and short recovery time 
  • no scalpels, needles or stitches