Pixel Perfect Skin Rejuvenation

We will turn the clock back for your skin!

Injections are not a must to look younger or to tackle wrinkles! For the best skin rejuvenation results, we use the Erbium Pixel laser. This is an ablative fractional laser that stimulates the fibroblasts to produce new collagen in your epidermis. This type of skin rejuvenation, also called skin renewal, makes your skin tighter and firmer, giving it a young and fresh look.

What result can I expect?

Depending on the condition of your skin, the degree of skin rejuvenation that can be achieved is significant. It does not take long to get a visible result. Your skin structure will improve significantly and will regain its uniform complexion and appearance. Wrinkles and fine lines will be reduced significantly; you will look radiant again!

For what areas can the fractional Pixel laser be used?

The fractional laser is used for treating your face, neck, decolleté and hands, but can also be used locally, for example if you have scarring (acne) or fine wrinkles around your mouth or eyes.

Is the treatment suitable for me?

The Pixel treatment is primarily suitable if you are over 40, and your skin shows moderate to significant aging. The treatment is not suitable if you have a darker skin, because of the amount of pigment in your skin.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

The number of treatment sessions required depends on your skin condition and the result you want to achieve. In general, we recommend 3 to 5 sessions, and we will discuss this with your during the free intake interview. During that appointment, we will also determine the time between sessions, so that you will get the best possible result.

Is there any risk associated with laser treatment?

Before you will be given any treatment, you will be subject to an extensive intake interview. We use this time to analyse your skin, to discuss any contraindications and to rule out any risk. Moreover, we will discuss the treatment and the result you may expect in minute detail.

Erbium Pixel laser versus CO2 laser

Where you undergo a treatment with the fractional laser we use, a laser beam is fractionated into several small beams. These beams create extremely small holes (pixels) in your skin. The advantage of the fractional laser, compared to the conventional CO2 laser, is that the surrounding skin remains intact; this healthy tissue seriously speeds up the healing process. When a CO2 laser is used, the entire skin area is treated at the same time, making the recovery period much longer.

The best treatment intensity

Determining the appropriate treatment intensity is highly important for getting a good result with the pixel treatment. A high intensity does not automatically give the best result. The right intensity is determined on the basis of a skin analysis and the intake interview. We can adjust the intensity of the Erbium Pixel laser used very precisely, in order to get the best possible result while guaranteeing that the procedure is performed safely.

How much time does my skin need to heal?

The so-called “downtime” or healing time is short, and is limited to some 4 to 5 days; that is significantly shorter than we see in patients treated with a CO2 laser, which was previously used for this type of procedure.

After the treatment, your skin will feel warm; if you so wish, you can cool your skin by applying a damp compress. The next day, the area treated will show some swelling and redness. Your skin will be covered with tiny scabs and will feel dry. The swelling and redness will reduce quickly; after 3 days, most scabs and any residual swelling will also be gone.

What should I use for my skin after the treatment?

Your skin will feel dry in the first few days. For those days, our skin laser expert will give you a fatty cream to apply to your skin.

As the skin rejuvenation process can last up to 2 months, it is important that you apply a sunblock (SPF 50) twice a day during this period. You should also avoid excessive exposure to the sun during this period.