Alma ClearLift

Skin rejuvenation

Stop the aging of your skin, get rid of fine lines and make scars less visible. It is possible with a painless 10-minute treatment!

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Is ClearLift treatment suitable for me?

The ClearLift treatment is primarily suitable for anyone aged 30 and over. The treatment is also suitable for people with a darker skin type, and it can be given in any season.


What does ClearLift do?

We use this laser technology for various purposes. For example, it can reduce scarring (such as acne), make your skin look younger and deal with pigment spots, fine lines and wrinkles.


How does ClearLift work?

ClearLift is a laser treatment, focusing on the skin. The treatment is non-ablative, which means that it does not damage your outer skin (epidermis). The ClearLift treatment stimulates the production of collagen down to the dermis. The new skin cells firm up your skin, making it look tighter and firmer.


Treatment areas:

This method is highly suitable for the treatment of your hands, face, neck and decolleté. The treatment is used to reduce scarring (for example stretch marks and acne), to refine the skin structure, to remove tattoos or to reduce pigment spots. And you can undergo all of this safely, quickly and without feeling pain. And you don’t need to factor in any recovery time.

* The results and experiences may vary from one patient to the next


Alma ClearLift-Laser

The Alma ClearLift laser treatment is the laser treatment used in the summer months. The treatment is given with a so-called non-ablative laser that delivers a fractional laser beam to target your skin. This means that your skin remains completely intact. So, the epidermis is not damaged by Alma ClearLift laser treatment. In short, the Alma ClearLift laser treatment is the ultimate alternative to cosmetic surgery. This results in an improvement of your skin, virtually painlessly and without the need for cutting into it. All of this within a 20-minute timeframe.


Alma ClearLift laser treatment: for skin rejuvenation and skin improvement!

The Alma ClearLift laser treatment is given using the Q-switched ND:Yag laser 1064 nm. This means that the laser beams emit light at a wavelength of 1064 nm, (suitable for treating problems such as darker pigment spots), and that a switch can be made to laser beams emitting light at a wavelength of 532 nm, which is ideal for treating lighter spots. The Alma ClearLift laser emits short, but strong flashes of light. These flashes penetrate down to the dermis and stimulate the production of fibroblasts. These fibroblasts are subsequently responsible for the production of collagen, a protein that is an important element in your connective tissue. Not for nothing is collagen known for skin rejuvenation and a firmer skin. Imperfections are repaired, and your skin is lifted naturally. In addition to skin rejuvenation the Alma ClearLift Laser is also used for:



  • Reducing scarring, such as stretch marks and acne


  • Fading dark coloration under your eyes
  • Reducing irregular pigmentation, including melasma
  • Removing tattoos
  • Refining a coarse skin structure and visible pores



Every form of treatment is safe and painless.

The Alma ClearLift Laser is primarily suitable if you are 30 or over. It is also suitable if you need an extra collagen boost. Not only the skin on your face can be treated with the ClearLift Laser; skin problems on your hands, decolleté and neck can also be tackled with this laser. The Alma ClearLift Laser is safe and meets the strictest safety requirements. It has been accredited, given its CE-marking and FDA approval. As treatment with the ClearLift Laser is virtually painless, it can also be used on more sensitive areas, such as around your eyes and mouth.


A laser treatment when it suits you.

The ClearLift Laser can be used for almost every skin type, even during the summer months. And what is more, after the treatment, you look presentable immediately. Your skin may feel a bit warm and glow a little. Between two to three weeks after the treatment, the fibroblasts are responsible for the visible result: you will have a smooth, firm skin, which will make you look younger. The number of sessions you need with the Alma ClearLift Laser depends on the result you want and your current skin condition. However, a visible result always requires several ClearLift laser treatments. This will be discussed with you during the intake interview.


Frequently-asked questions:

  • How does a laser treatment make my skin tighter?The laser treatment stimulates the deeper skin cells to produce new collagen. This effect declines throughout the years, causing your skin to lose its firmness. By producing more collagen, your skin will regain its firmness.
  • How long does it take to treat my entire face?Treatment of your face takes 30 minutes.
  • Should I factor in recovery time?No, after the treatment, your skin may be slightly warm or red, but nobody will notice it.
  • Is the treatment painful?No, the ClearLift laser treatment may make your skin feel warm, but you won’t feel any pain. It is said to be a pleasant experience.
  • Is it possible to tighten the skin on my neck?Yes, the skin on your neck can be tightened with laser treatment: for a faster result, it might be smarter to opt for a Fractional CO2 laser treatment
  • Is the result immediately visible after the treatment?No, the result is not immediately visible. During the treatment, the skin cells in your deeper skin layers are stimulated. That result is not immediately visible.
  • How long will I need to recover from the treatment?There is no recovery time for a treatment with the Alma ClearLift Laser.
  • Does the laser treatment have any side effects, such as pigment spots or redness?Shortly after the treatment, your skin may be somewhat red as a result of the warmth generated during the treatment. The redness will disappear the same day. The treatment does not stimulate your pigment, and therefore does not have that as a side effect.
  • Am I immediately presentable after the treatment, or will I suffer from redness or swelling?Your skin may show some redness as a result of the warmth generated during the treatment. You may feel as if your face is glowing.  You can go into the sun; for that reason, it is the ideal laser treatment during the summer months. However, it is always wise to protect your skin with an SPF 50 sunscreen product.