Upper lip wrinkles

When women see these wrinkles appear in their faces, they often associate that with ageing or looking old.
There are not many treatments that are really effective, but over the years a small number has been found ‘to do what it says on the tin’.
Many doctors treat these wrinkles by injecting fillers below the wrinkles. Often, the result is poor from an aesthetic point of view. When the light catches the mouth in a particular way, you can see the contours of the filler, and the filler often causes bumps or bulges in the upper lip.

In 2018, an injection technique was developed that does give a perfect result.
Finally, there is now an excellent treatment available without the above side effects. As it is a unique treatment, we have even registered the name:

DSS technique, which is short for diluted superficial spreading technique

The method is as follows:

Lip wrinkles are due to the skin of the upper lip losing its tightness combined with the shrinking of the upper jaw (bone loss). Other factors can also play a role, but mostly a subordinate one.

Using a cannula, diluted Radiesse is spread from the sides of the upper lip in a so-called film layer between the skin and the muscular tissue. In the course of 4 to 6 weeks, this significantly firms up the skin of the upper lip. Any small lines that are still visible after that treatment and that are located in the skin can subsequently be treated with Plexr or fractional CO2 laser.

The advantages of this treatment are:

  • no recovery time (no bruising as is almost always a side effect of the conventional method)
  • No volume increase of the upper lip (the lip does not become fuller, so no ‘duck lip’ effect, as we unfortunately still see too often)
  • Lasting effect (varying between 14 to 24 months)
  • The treatment is not painful

If you want to see the method being used, please click the link below

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